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Majestic Radio model 149, small deco wood radio with chrome front grille

Majestic 149

Majestic Radio model 1S49 Melody Cruiser wood ship radio with chrom sails

Majestic 1S49
"Melody Cruiser"

Majestic Petit radios, blue and red painted wood, midget radios

Majestic "Petit"

Midwest Radio model 18-36, large wood console

Midwest 18-36

Pacific Radio 6322 table radio with magic eye tube, large front dial, side speaker

Pacific 6322

Packard Bell model 45 wood table radio

Packard Bell 45

Philco Radio model 90, classic cathedral wood radio

Philco 90

Philco Radio model 60, cathedral wood radio

Philco 60

Philco Radio model 89, cathedral wood radio

Philco 89

Philco Radio model 620, tombstone wood radio

Philco 620

Philco Radio model 38-610, tombstone wood radio

Philco 38-610

Philco Radio model 76, console radio with scenery grille cloth

Philco 76

Philco Radio model PT-49, wood table radio

Philco PT-49

Philco Radio model 116X large wood console

Philco 116X

Philco Radio model PT-61 Pagoda, wood table radio

Philco PT-61

Philco Radio model 40-110, wood table radio

Philco 40-110

Philco Radio model 41-231T, wood table radio

Philco 41-231T

RCA Radio model 110, small wood tombstone

RCA 110

RCA Radio model 128, large shouldered wood tombstone

RCA 128

RCA Radio model SW-2 Shortwave converter, wood tombstone, from Bulgaria


RCA Radio model R-8, gothic tombstone


RCA Radio model R-73, gothic tombstone

RCA R-73

RCA Radio model 30, huge wood console

RCA 30

RCA Radio model T8-18, large table radio, magic tuning eye tube

RCA T8-18

RCA Radio model 121, tombstone style, round airplane dial

RCA 121

EH Scott Radio model Masterpiece, chrome chassis, top photo

Scott "Masterpiece"

EH Scott Radio model Masterpiece, chrome power supply amplifier photo

Power Supply / Amplifier

EH Scott Radio model Lido, large wood console, chrome chassis

Scott "Lido"

EH Scott Radio model Lido, chrome chassis photo

"Lido" chassis

Sentinel Radio model 125, wood cathedral

Sentinel 125

Silvertone Radio model 1926 Nutrodyne, table radio

1926 Nutrodyne

Sparton Radio model 716, 616 tombstone radio

Sparton 616

Sparton Radio 557 Sled Blue mirror Walter Dorwin Teague design table radio

Sparton 557

Steinite Radio model ch.26 large wood cathedral

Steinite ch.26

Stewart Warner Radio model 07-514-H small wood table radio

Stewart Warner 07-514-H

Stewart Warner Radio model R1235 small upright table radio, chrome grille

Stewart Warner R1235

Stromberg Carlson Radio model 430H, wood table radio, magic tuning eye tube

Stromberg Carlson 430H

Tomsche Relex wood 2 tube crystal radio

Tomche Reflex

Travler Radio model 315SW, small 2 tone wood radio, curved slide rule dial

Trav-Ler 315SW

Truetone Radio model 911B wood table radio, collection's first radio

Truetone D911-B

Truetone Radio model D2210 wood grain metal cabinet, chrome grille bars

Truetone D2210

Truetone Radio model D1001 wood cabinet

Truetone D1001

Westinghouse Radio model WR100, small upright repwood cabinet

Westinghouse WR-100

Wilcox Gay wood table radio, unknown model

Wilcox Gay (model ?)

Wilcox Gay wood table radio, model A-33

Wilcox Gay A-33

Zenith Radio model 8H034 wood am-fm table radio

Zenith 8-H-034

Zenith Radio model 8S463 console radio, pushbuttons, magic eye tuning tube

Zenith 8-S-463

Zenith Radio model 12-S-232 Walton, large tombstone, motorized tuning, robot shutter dial, magic eye tuning tube

Zenith 12-S-232

Zenith Radio model 5-S-29 tombstone style wood

Zenith 5-S-29

Zenith Radio model 6-S-27 large wood table radio, large round black dial

Zenith 6-S-27

Zenith Radio model 6V62, 6S52 wood console floor radio

Zenith 6-S-62

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