Belmont Radio model 5D128, white, 1946

Another one of Belmont's great designs, the model 5D128, factory painted white, 1946.
The pre WWII version of this radio was the Belmont model 534.
Click on the radio to hear an excerpt from the radio drama, "Day of the Triffids" (double-click to pause/stop)
It is also found with various other retailers names on the radio.

Over the years Belmont Radio made radios for various retail chains who
assigned their own model numbers and applied their names on the radios.
Identical cabinets were sold between different distributors.
Airline, Belmont, Coronado, Delco, Freshman, Good Year, Imperial
Lafayette, Mantola, Truetone and Western Royal
are some of the names found on Belmont-made radios.
These distributors bought radios from other radio manufacturers
such as Wells Gardner and Detrola as well,
so not all radios with these names are Belmont-made.

See much more information about Belmont radios at "The History of Belmont Radios".

Belmont Radio model 5D128 brown thumbnail

from the Lafayette 1942 catalog:
Lafayette radio 1942 catalog ad with Belmont 5D128 design

Imperial radio 1942 catalog ad with Belmont 5D128 design

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