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Classic Radio Dairy Creamer Tops

Classic Radio Dairy Creamer Tops..... What?! ...that's what I said when I found this listed on Ebay, December 2020.
Not that they're dairy creamer tops, but that all the images are from my photos here at Classic Radio Gallery!
I guess it's flattering that they liked my photos enough to "borrow" them.
'still waiting for the royalty check.

From an Ebay ephemera dealer in the UK, the auction listing reads,

"Classic Radio : complete creamer top set
This complete set of 30 creamer tops was issued in Switzerland.
These are the foil tops from the small plastic Milk / Cream pots used by Restaurants.
These tops carry pictures of Classic Radios and each top measures approx 2.0 inches by 1.5 inches.
This set will look spectacular if framed.
Due to the current postal problems, it might take a bit longer to reach you from here in the UK."

Classic Radio Creamer Tops

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