Lackner Sultan Clock with CRG & Title graphics

Clock collection and Thermometers


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Pennwood Numechron digital clock with white plaskon with red fins
Pennwood Numechron digital clock brown with white fins
"Imperial" model by Pennwood
Pennwood digital clock with beetle cabinet Pennwood digital clock with brown bakelite cabinet Pennwood digital clock, white beetle with black marbling
Seth Thomas catalin clocks
Seth Thomas
Windsor catalin clock
Windsor catalin
catalin clock collection
Windsor, unknown, Windsor

Bond catalin clock
Bond Catalin

General Electric 7H80 Julip catalin clock
General Electric 7H80 "Julep"
Janes red catalin clock
French green catalin clock
French Catalin
Yorke catalin and chrome clock
Yorke Catalin

Hammond beetle, white black clock
Hammond "Cathay"
Hammond Fantasy beetle clock, white black clock
Hammond "Fantasy"

Oxford beetle clock
UK Smiths beetle clock
Smiths (UK)
UK Smiths beetle clock
Smiths (UK)

Jaz red-brown and black bakelite clock
Telechron 700 skyscraper bakelite with brass trim clock
Telechron 700 "Electrolarm"

Telechron brown bakelite clock
Hammond black bakelite carriage clock with ball feet and handle
Waterbury black bakelite with chrome trim clock

Westclox white plaskon clock
Jaz brown bakelite with white plaskon and brass trim clock
Sessions white plaskon clock
Telechron green catalin clock

Pennwood Moderne marbled plastic clock
Pennwood "Moderne"
Pennwood, blue plaskon clock
Pennwood white plaskon Clock
Pennwood chrome clock

Celluloid blue clock

Celluloid white with M monogram clock

Lux celluloid clock
New Haven green celluloid and catalin clock
New Haven
Apollo yellow celluloid catalin clock

Westclox S5-J Moonbeam clock and light
Westclox S5-J "Moonbeam"
New Haven small yellow catalin clock
New Haven
Telechron white plaskon

Twinface catalin clocks
Twinface Electric

Lackner Neonglo Sultan clock
Lackner Neon-glo
Lackner Neonglo Iris clock
Lackner Neon-glo "Iris"
Lackner Neonglo clock with catalin face
Lackner Neon-glo

Lackner Neonglo Dulcy catalin clock General Electric 4H72 Greton clock
Lackner Neonglo
(neon back-lit catalin)
GE 4H72 "Breton"

Lackner Neonglo brown catalin clock
Lackner Neonglo

Lackner Neonglo Swans clock
Elgin glass and brass clock

Telechron 7H121 Serene blue glass and white plaskon clock
Telechron 7H121 "Serene"
General Electric 3H160 Rapture double glass rings on chrome base clock
GE 3H160 "Rapture"
Westclox tan green glass in brass frame clock
Westclox "Oracle" S6E

Westclox Andover S2L blue glass and chrome frame clock
Westclox "Andover" S2L

Telechron 4F71 Casino blue mirror on white plaskon base clock
Telechron 4F71 "Casino"
Westclox pink glass and chrome clock
Westclox "Leland"
Telechron 4F65 Luxor blue mirror on chrome base clock
Telechron 4F65 "Luxor"

Viking Moonglo lighted clock
Viking "Moonglo"

Viking Moonglo lighted clock
Viking "Moonglo"

Mystery Clocks
Jefferson Mystery clock
Rex Cole 5-A Mystery clock
Rex Cole 5-A

Haddon Mystery clock 2

Ingraham Chime Clocks
Ingraham wood chime clock

ingraham wood chime tombstone clock

Ingraham wood chime clock

RCA Dealer Clocks

RCA Tv-Radio Service spinner clock

RCA Tubes atomic clock

RCA Electron Tubes lighted clock

RCA Rainbow lighted clock

Clock Radios

Capehart C14 clock radio
Capehart C14
Hyde Park, Continental1600 green clock radio
Hyde Park 1600
Crosley D-25MN clock radio
Crosley D-25MN
DeWald B512 clock radio
DeWald B512

Admiral 5J38 clock radio
Admiral 5J38
Fada 200V clock radio
Fada 200V
Majestic 5T clock radio
Majestic 5T

Packard Bell 5RC4 clock radio
Packard Bell 5RC4

Four Roses Whiskey advertising clock
Four Roses Whiskey advertising clock

French Statue clock

German Archer statue, stone base clock

Hard Drive clocks
Hard Drive clocks

2.5 inch Hard Drive clocks

2: THERMOMETERS,   BAROMETERS   and Other Cool Stuff

B.T.Co. catalin deco thermometer
B.T. Co.
Cathedral mini thermometers
(unknown maker)

Oceanic catalin thermometer
Taylor catalin barometer, themometer collection
Taylor Barometers
Lord catalin thermometer

Standard black bakelite TV tuner
Standard TV Tuner
Middleburg catalin thermometer barometer
Autopoint Calendaire thermometer, calendar
Autopoint "Calendaire"

RCA Color TV Service thermometer
Dealer Thermometer
RCA Lighter Paperweight panel truck in lucite
Employee Reward
Lighter Paperweight
Selmer and Crystalab Metronomes marbled plastic
Selmer and Crystalab
Seeburg jukebox selector box in beetle cabinet
Seeburg jukebox selector box
with beetle plastic cabinet

Maxell Tape advertising infinity mirror
Maxell Tape
Infinity Mirror Dealer Display

Philco Electron Tubes motion advertising light GIF
Philco Electron Tubes
Dealer Display Atomic Motion Sign

RCA Radios & Television Nipper light
RCA Radios & Televisioin
Nipper Light

RCA Tubes and Service dealer light
RCA dealer light

Zenith color tv motion advertising light GIF
Zenith Color TV
Dealer Display Motion Sign

radio collection

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Sparton Radio art with Strider the watchdog
1936 Sparton model 557 mirrored radio

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