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Travler Radio model T-201 white and pink, late 50s

Trav-ler T-201

Travler clock radio, green and yellow, late 50s

Trav-ler clock radio

CBS Travler clock radio red and pink, late 50s

Trav-ler (CBS) clock radio

Truetone Radio History

Truetone Radio model 278-5Q, beetle cabinet, pushbuttons, 1939

Truetone 278-5Q

Truetone Radio model D941 bakelite cabinet, verticle dial

Truetone D941

Truetone Radio model 2017 Boomerang, brown bakelite, 1950

Truetone 2017

Truetone Radio model 5Z, black bakelite, 2 position radio, same as Mantola and Admiral 5Z

Truetone 5Z

Truetone Radio model 2610, brown bakelite, 1946

Truetone 2610

Truetone Radio model D2611, bakelite with white finish, 1946

Truetone D2611

Truetone Radio model 4DF11 FM radio converter, brown bakelite, 1947

Truetone 4DF11

Truetone Radio model D2709, brown bakelite

Truetone D2709

Truetone Radio model Jr, white plaskon, 1939

Truetone "Junior"

Truetone Radio model D1011, brown bakelite cabinet, pushbuttons, 1941

Truetone D1011

Western Air Patrol Radio model 558 white plaskon, late 30s

Western Air Patrol 558

Western Royal Radio model W5D14, brown bakelite, 1941

Western Royal W5D14

Western Royal Radio model 636, white painted bakelite, 1940

Western Royal 636

Westinghouse Radio model WR120, brown bakelite with molded back

Westinghouse WR120

Whelco Radio - Lafayette Radio model BB-22, brown bakelite, 1940

(Lafayette BB-22)

Wilcox Gay Radio model A-51 midget bakelite

A-51 Li'l Champ

Zenith Radio model R615F, bakelite with green finish, 50s

Zenith R615F

Zenith Radio model 6D413, pushbuttons, 1939

Zenith 6D413

Zenith Radio model 6D312, white finish bakelite, pushbuttons,1940

Zenith 6D312

Zenith Radio model 4K515, stack of pancakes brown bakelite, 1941

Zenith 4K515

Zenith Radio model 6D512 bakelite, 1941

Zenith 6D512

Zenith Radio model 5S819BT, export model, brown bakelite

Zenith 5S819BT

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