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thumbnail photo of 1938 Admiral model 372-5R with pushbuttons and brass escutcheon, white plaskon

Admiral 372-5R

1938 Admiral Radio model 985-6Y 2-way radio, black bakelite

Admiral 985-6Y

1938 Admiral Radio model 398-6M, pushbuttons and brass escutcheon, beetle plastic

Admiral 398-6M

Admiral Radio model Little Admiral, 1939, painted bakelite

"Little Admiral"

Admiral Radio model 158-5J, beetle plastic

Admiral 158-5J

Admiral Radio model 5J38, marbled styrene plastic

Admiral 5J38

Air King model 770 radio, white plaskon, skyscraper design with magic eye tube

Air King 770 "Skyscraper"

Airline Radio model 62-280 Miracle, black bakelite, magic tuning eye, pushbuttons

Airline 62-280

Airline Radio model 62-351, brown bakelite, pushbuttons

Airline 62-351

Airline Radio model 62-325, brown bakelite

Airline 62-325

Airline Radio model 54BR-1506A, white painted bakelite with pushbuttons, 1946

Airline 54BR-1506A

Airline Radio model 93BR420, brown bakelite, 1939

Airline 93BR420

Airline Radio model 93WG-602B, brown bakelite, magic tuning eye tube, pushbuttons, 1939

Airline 93WG-602B

Airline Radio model 84BR-1507, pushbuttons, 1946

Airline 84BR-1507

Airline Radio model 74BR-1502B, white plaskon, 1947

Airline 74BR-1502B

Airline Radio model 14BR-525A, brown swirled bakelite, pushbutton, 1941

Airline 14BR-525A

Airline Radio model 62-445, white plaskon, telephone dial tuning, 1938

Airline 62-445

Airline Radio model 93WG-604A, brown bakelite, pushbuttons, magic tuning eye tube, 1939

Airline 93WG-604A

Airline Radio model 84BR-1515A, brown bakelite

Airline 84BR-1515A

Airline Radio chassis 6D7, brown bakelite

Airline 6D7

Airite 3010 radio with side clock and inkwell

Airite 3010

Arvin Radio model 602, brown bakelite, 1938

Arvin 602

Arvin Radio model 68, pushbuttons, no dial, brown bakelite, 1939

Arvin 68

Arvin Radio model 2581, salmon painted, 1958

Arvin 2851

Arvin Radio Phonograph model 302A, chrome grill, metal body, 1939

Arvin 302A

Arvin Radio Phonograph model 441T Hopalong Cassidy, metal body, 1950

Arvin 441T
Hopalong Cassidy

Automatic Radio model 8-15, black durez bakelite, 1936

Automatic 8-15

Automatic Radio Corp model Tom Thumb Jr, sun ray etchings, bakelite, 1935

Automatic Tom Thumb Jr

Automatic Radio Corp, unknown model, brown bakelite, 1936

Automatic model?

Automatic Radio Corp, unknown model, brown bakelite, 1936

Automatic model?

Automatic Radio Corp, model 950, red catalin plastic, 1938

Tom Thumb 950

Automatic Radio Corp model 440, beetle plastic

Automatic 440

Automatic Radio Corp, brown bakelite, unknow model number


Automatic Radio Corp model 614X, brown bakelite

Automatic 614X

Automatic Radio Corp model TT-600 hybrid radio, red plastic

Automatic Tom Thumb

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