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**AUSTRALIAN Antique Radios**

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Airzone Radio model 537, large bakelite tombstone, Australian

Airzone model 537 "Symphony Leader"


Airzone Radio model 529, bakelite, Australian

Airzone model 529 "Radio Star"

Both the "Radio Star" and "Symphony Leader" have amazing similarities to the US-made Pilot Radios,
although no link between the two manufacturers has been found.

Astor GR/GRP "Football"

Astor Radio small Football design, bakelite, Australian

Astor Mickey Mouse "OZ"

Astor Radio model OZ Mickey Mouse, wood, Australian

Astor Mickey Mouse

Astor Radio model BP Mickey Mouse, bakelite, Australian Astor Radio model EC Mickey Mouse, no mouse on dial, bakelite, Australian

Astor Mickey Mouse model BP and model EC

AWA Fisk

AWA Radio skyscraper model 48G, bakelite, Australian AWA Radio Skyscraper model R29, black bakelite, Australian

AWA 48G and AWA R29.

AWA Fisk

AWA Radio model 33A, large bakelite with marbled beetle grille and feet, Australian

AWA Model 38

AWA Fisk

AWA Radio model R52, large bakelite cabinet, sliderule dial, Australian

AWA Fisk model R52

AWA Radiola

AWA Radio model Radiola 5 clock radio, black and pink cabinet, Australian

AWA Radiola 5 clock/radio


Genalex Radio model 775-780, bakelite, Australian

Genalex model 775-780 & Australian Digital Radio "Retro"


Healing Radio model Golden Voice 403e Moderne, green plaskon, Australian

"Golden Voice" Model 403e "Moderne"


HMV Radio model 440, large marbled bakelite tombstone, Australian

His Masters Voice, Model 440


Kriesler Radio model 11-4 Beehive, bakelite, Australian

Kriesler "Beehive" model 11-4


Mullard Radio model 600 Meteor, bakelite, red dial, Australian Mullard Rdio model 600 Meteor, multi-color dial, bakelite, Australian
Mullard "Meteor" model 600

Peter Pan

Peter Pan Radio model FJN, large bullet design bakelite, Australian

Peter Pan "Highlight Series" model FJN

Peter Pan

Peter Pan Radio model GKL, pink plaskon bakelite cabinet, Australian

Peter Pan model GKL

Peter Pan

Peter Pan Radio model Snail, white plaskon cabinet, Australian

Peter Pan "Snail"


Tasma Radio model 505, large dial, top speaker cabin scene grille cloth, bakelite, Australian

Tasma model 505.


Technico Radio model 750, Belmont design, bakelite, 1947, Australian

"Aristocrat" model 750

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